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Facebook ‘loophole’ pays $35K/month?

Facebook 'loophole' pays $35K/month?

FB Auto Cash is a complete guide on making money with Facebook by promoting Clickbank products.

It contains all the training, videos, software and PDF guides that will explain how to use Facebook groups, buying Facebook groups, how to find products to sell and more.

Marketing on Facebook, with these methods will cost you absolutely nothing to manage this complete business. And when I say nothing, I truly mean nothing! This is something that truly hooked me with this model of making money, and is an advantage not to be understated.

Since you’re working with totally free Facebook Fan Pages and Groups rather than Facebook (PPC) Advertising, your clicks cost you nothing. No hosting fees, no domain names to register, no staff to employ, no product creation costs, no merchant accounts.

You can easily promote anything as an affiliate marketer and make as much money as you like, and no-one has any claim to any of it.

Inside FB Auto Cash!

The FB Auto Cash package consists of the course, "The 7-Step FB Auto Cash Strategy", software, well presented videos to enlighten each and every component in detail and PDF’s to assist the reader in each step.

In this course he is educating you how to get paid traffic for free, how to monetize Facebook traffic. How you can use your Facebook accounts, Facebook fan pages, Facebook groups, and Facebook events to promote, your own products, your own services, your webinars, your seminars, affiliate offers, CPA offers, build a mailing list of prospects etc.

The strategy is simple, create a ton of Fan Pages, and promote affiliate links to every fan who signs up. The course explains the process very well.

There’s 8 Simple Steps you need to follow for making money from Facebook here are some of the highlights:

The 7 Step FB Auto Cash Strategy
The 7 Step FB Auto Cash Strategy

Step 1- Create a Facebook Accounts
In this step he will let you how you can make multiple accounts on Facebook. These Facebook accounts will be used for marketing purposes. So make sure you use an alias, not your real name. You are actually encouraged to use pen names and remain anonymous. This way you can benefit from a certain degree of anonymity online, and avoid any reputational risk to your real name.

Step 2- Choose 1 Target Market per Account
In this step he will share with you how can you find your target market for your accounts? What group of people are you going to be helping? What main problem do they have, that you are going to go find solutions (products, services,offers) for?

Step 3- Join 100 Relevant Facebook Groups & Pages
In this step he will educate you how can you find prospects for your new business (people interested in buying things from you, relevant to your chosen market).

Step 4- Create a Facebook Page
In this step he will let you know how to build professional Facebook fan pages relevant to your target market and also discussing about the viral power of Facebook pages.

Step 5- Buy an ‘Old-Style’ Facebook Group and Change Its Name
In this step he will let you know what is exactly Facebook group and how can you buy an old-style Facebook Group on www.Fiverr.com or www.Odesk.com, take it over, and then change the name of the group to something relevant to your target market.

Step 6- Get Thousands of Facebook Fans and Group Members
In this part of the course he will share with you how can you get thousands of targeted Facebook fans and Group members on board. (by ‘targeted’, mean that these people prospects from your target market and are interested in the topic you are focusing on – e.g. ‘weight loss’).

Step 7- Find Products to Sell
So you now have thousands of Fans and Group Members. You have been giving them some great content for free, so far. It is time to start monetizing that network you have created and the traffic that you can now generate on a daily basis. What you need to do now, is make a list of interesting, good, relevant products that solve your target market’s problems.

You can of course use these strategies to sell your own products and services. He will let you know how you can find products that you can affiliate yourself to, and earn a commission for each sale you make. After that he shares with you the top affiliate and CPA network offers, you can promote or sell as an affiliate.

Step 8- Put This Strategy on Autopilot– Automation & Outsourcing
In this final part of the course he will let you know about automation and outsourcing.

FB Auto Traffic software Automation
Basically software automate the process of adding friends and managing promos and even run multiple accounts with it and do in minutes what it’d take the average person several days to achieve. That’s really powerful. The software is offered as a purchase following the course and is priced very reasonably for the time it saves and the money you can make with it.

In this step he will share with you how you can hire hundreds and even thousands of well-educated English proficient workers, for just $200 a month, to work full-time on making you money on Facebook.

These BONUSES also come with the FB Auto Cash System:

These BONUSES also come with the system:

12 videos on Facebook Marketing, including:

  • Mark Anastasi (intro to Facebook Marketing Seminar)
  • Mili Ponce LIVE at The Facebook Marketing Seminar + Social Media Millionaire Summit
  • Tom Miller LIVE at The Social Media Millionaire Summit
  • Armand Morin
  • Nick Peall MR FBX LIVE at The Facebook Marketing Seminar
  • Glen Kirkham LIVE at The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar
  • Daniel Priestley

Audio Interviews with students who already earn $1,500 to $25,000+ applying this technique:
Note: these are very valuable, since you get to see precisely what’s performing for these people TODAY… this includes their best selling offers.

  • Georgina Lany
  • Sam Bakker
  • Robert Grant
  • Imran Naseem
  • Wayne Dobson
  • Suraj Sodha
  • Nadeem Malik
  • Vlad Danciu
  • Paul Wakefield

Along with the following unique PDFs, delivered free to the next 100 students:

  • FB Ads Module
  • Fanpage Dollars
  • FB Events Module
  • How to be approved in CPA affiliate networks (which may gain you use of unique offers to promote on Facebook in which none of your competitors will probably be selling)

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FB Auto Cash contains comprehensive training to show you how
to start from scratch and be making money from facebook.

FB Auto Cash contains comprehensive training to show you how to start from scratch and be making money from facebook.