Passive Income Uncut

Passive Income Uncut is an audio training series created by internet success Lee McIntyre.

In the series Lee will reveal exactly, step by step, what he has done to create multiple streams of passive income online. There are many turnkey step by step revenue generating programs that can be found on the internet these days. Many are created by the successful gurus or every day folks who have figured it out on their own. Well this program is no different.

This 6 step audio training series designed is as a blueprint to be followed to create internet wealth and reveals the kind of behind the scenes info that most “gurus” are afraid to share.

The training includes:

MODULE 1 – Explode Your Online Business
This module gives you a 5 step system to create huge online profits. The 3 reasons why most people get confused and overwhelmed. How to work less and earn more and uncovers secret niche markets.

MODULE 2 – Putting Your Business on Auto-Pilot
Lee reveals what you need to have in common with Bill Gates, the top 7 tasks you need to outsource and 3 things you must accept when automating your business.

MODULE 3 – Hiring Your First Super Star Assistant
Lee reveals how to find and hire a personal assistant, the best websites for finding outsource workers, 5 tricks to find quality OS work and utilizing his hybrid Business model.

MODULE 4 – Make Your Business A Well-Oiled Machine
Here he discusses how to create your own products in less than 3 hours so you are able to launch a new product every week, streamlining your support desk and how to utilize time management skills.

MODULE 5 – Tools and Tricks of the Trade
Lee discusses the free tools to coordinating your team, communication methods and tools, free methods to storing your vital information and things to avoid in communicating with your team.

MODULE 6 – Advanced Business Automation Strategies
This module discusses how to manage your outsource work, his secret techniques and strategies and how to overcome obstacles.

Lee has generated millions of dollars with his systems. Now all you have to do is learn them and apply them to your own online business. Most online entrepreneurs fail, over 95%, and it is usually not the fault of the program or system they are working, but their inability or unwillingness to put in the required effort to be successful. Lee is leading the horse to the water, but he can’t make them drink.

Instant Start IncomeAll in all this is a very legitimate training program for those looking to earn an income online. The cost of the series is only $9.95, so it is very low risk. This is a nice inexpensive prep training series for those looking to make a living online. I would also suggest investing in a comprehensive internet marketing training program to supplement what Lee leaves out and that will give you the foundation for long term online success. Good luck and prosper!

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