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Commission Ignition This system is proven to make newbies $100 in 48 hours or less.

This system is proven
to make newbies $100
in 48 hours or less.
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Commission Ignition is a course and software packed full of valuable content on the latest search engine optimization and affiliate marketing techniques.

It’s created by Dan Brock and Hitesh Juneja who are both legendary in their own right.  

They both have a solid track record of providing tremendous value and over delivering on their promises.  

In this program, they will teach you the exact system and blueprint they use to make money online through affiliate marketing.  It is a training program but also comes with an amazing software to simplify and automate many of the manual steps.  

This allows you to scale things up and quickly earn more money online.  

Whether you just want to make some extra money on the side to pay your bills or if you want to do this full time, the sky is really the limit as Dan and Hitesh teach you a proven system and walk you through each step of the way so you’re completely ready to hit the ground running and starting generating income online.

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The Program Outline is broken down like this:

  • Introduction
    Basic overview of the course, how to proceed, what you will learn and what to expect from the course. You will learn PPC, SEO, Twitter & Facebook techniques, keyword research, how to select buyer keywords, some new backlink strategies, etc.
  • Part 1 – THE BASICS
    This section follows the Introduction and covers the basics to help those who may be new to affiliate marketing. But there is still content applicable to veteran marketers. Dan and Hitesh explain step-by-step how to find, identify and monetize highly targeted “buyer” keywords for optimum conversions.

    I have been doing marketing for years and found a few gems of information in this section that I simply had never thought about. One thing was clear to me after this section of the course… If I picked the WRONG keywords initially, all my future campaigns and efforts would be doomed to fail.

    Take a look behind the scenes as Dan and Hitesh build out a complete niche marketing website. It is almost like being in the room and looking over their shoulders as they explain step-by-step how they go from start to finish in creating a profitable affiliate website. As you may know, Dan made millions promoting Amazon products, so I learned a lot of useful tips just by watching him work.

    If you are a more experienced marketer, you may just want to jump ahead to this section because it has some great techniques that I, at least, had never realized before.

  • Part 3 – ADVANCED SEO
    This section consists of advanced search engine optimization tactics including how to manage your link velocity, how to get authority backlinks fast, how to maximize your on-page SEO to beat out your competition, how to structure your sites and internal linking to maximize your internal link juice flow, how to properly conduct your off-page SEO efforts and FINALLY how to jumpstart your rankings and skip ahead of some of your competitors.

    Then… Dan and Hitesh follow up with several more videos explaining the techniques they use to generate money fast while they build up longer term cash generating websites. They show you how to rapidly pump out short but stylish websites and blogs that target desperate niches with desperate buyers. In fact, this method alone purports to generate $100/day per website.

    Finally, they follow up with a four-part traffic generation section so that you can drive targeted visitors to your website right out of the gate.

  • Part 4 – THE SOFTWARE
    Commission Ignition comes with several pieces of software to help you in your internet marketing efforts. First, you get a website analysis tool that can really drill down into your competitor’s websites and pull out long-tail keywords. Then, the software will find affiliate offers that you can promote by targeting those long-tail keywords.

    Next, you get a COMPLETE WEBSITE GENERATOR. This tool loads up pre-created websites and templates for specific niches to really jumpstart your Commission Ignition campaigns. Finally, the last piece of software analyzes your website and tells you which on-page SEO factors you should change to ensure that your Commission Ignition website is optimized for your target keywords.

A little bit about the creators of Commission Ignition
A little bit about the creators of Commission Ignition

This product is actually a project between Dan Brock and Hitesh Juneja. Before this, both marketers were creating several products.

Dan Brock is famous due to products like Deadbeat Millionaire, Deadbeat Super Affiliate and Profitzon. Deadbeat Millionaire is about making money with Amazon and Clickbank, just like other courses, except Dan takes it to the next level by providing new, hot niches to members each month.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate and Profitzon were about making money by promoting physical products from Amazon marketplace. Inside it, Dan teaches in details on how to find the niches, how to use tools like Google Keyword Tool and Market Samurai to find laser targeted keywords and how to create a fully optimized website which is ranked high on Google search.

Several years ago, Hitesh was one of the guys behind the famous Copy N Profit program. This program let the members copy and paste the Google Adwords and article marketing campaigns to make profit as soon as possible. No need to research.

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Give Commission Ignition a try and find out how to make your first
$100 online starting from SCRATCH… in 48 hours or less.

Give Commission Ignition a try and find out how to make your first $100 online starting from SCRATCH... in 48 hours or less.