Bloggers PayDay Pro 2011

Introducing the most powerful money making blogging system ever revealed…
Bloggers Payday is a sixty pages ebook containing a very concise tutorial that goes straight to the point of building your network of blogs that will make you consistent income every month.

Bloggers Payday is a sixty pages ebook containing a very concise tutorial that goes straight to the point of building your network of blogs that will make you consistent income every month.

The course is aimed at newbies who have never set up a blog before. It teaches basic ways to make money with blogs. The course includes 6 simple modules. It starts with choosing the right niche market, then how to find the right products to promote, keyword research, setting up your blog, optimizing your blog and getting backlinks.

  • No Existing Website Or Blog Needed
  • No Technical Knowledge Needed Quick Results…
  • Make Money In 24 To 72 Hours
  • No Need To Work Long Hours
  • Super Low Cost To Get Started… Just Ten Bucks
  • Doesn’t Matter If You’ve Previously Made Money Online Or Not
  • No Need To have Your Own Product

All this means you can start from scratch today and be making money in no time at all… A newbie was able to generate $37,730 in just 30 days using this so there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

If you are new to blogging and you want to know the EXACT BLUEPRINT where you can follow step-by-step how to set up blogs that can generate income for you, then this training is for you. Rob Benwell is very well-known in crafting out an easy-to-follow blog blueprint that anyone can follow and implement without much trouble.

When it comes to making money blogging it boils down to 6 things:

1. Pick the right niche
There are hundreds of thousands of niches you can get into… however, if you get into the wrong niche, you won’t make any money! This is the most important step and unfortunately most people do this step wrong. That’s why most fail to make a dime!

2. Choose profitable products
Again, there are thousands of products you can choose to promote and earn commissions. But some products bring in much higher profits than others. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the correct products to promote in your blog.

3. Select the right keywords
Most bloggers have trouble in getting targeted traffic to their blogs. This is because they are targeting the WRONG keywords. If you want to make consistent income online, knowing how to select the right keywords for your site/blog is perhaps the most important success factor.

4. Create and optimize your blog
This is an easy part, all you need to do is just follow the steps outlined in the Bloggers Payday blueprint.

5. Create and add optimized content to your blog
This will take some work but there are techniques to create good and highly optimized content. Inside the training, Rob will walk you through the process of creating content that both the readers and the search engines will love.

6. Build backlinks to your blog
This step also requires some work but it’s very essential. Building backlinks is a process of getting your blog sits on top of the search engine result pages. For instance, when your blog posts are listed on the first page of Google, you will get a ton of targeted traffic for free. Again, some work is required to achieve this and you will get to learn how to do this correctly from this training.

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The good thing about blogging and making money from blogging is FIRSTLY it is free so there no need to pay for a domain or hosting… SECONDLY a blog is one link not different pages which makes it easy to optimise and hence get high ranking on the major search engines which will increase targeted traffic and get you more sales.

Learning how to make money blogging is not as easy as it once was…
This is where Bloggers Payday Pro 2011 comes in!

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