Beginners guide to affiliate programs

Harness your passion

There are dozens, hundreds – maybe even thousands – of different ways for imaginative people to launch an Internet business. One way which works well for many people is to concentrate on a small niche. Choose a topic in which you are passionately interested, and create a website around that theme. Then select affiliate programs which closely fit the theme of your site and blend them into the site, using text links.

If possible, write about the products from first-hand knowledge, so that you become a respected, credible source of reliable information.

The more targeted your traffic, the more likely it is that people will buy.

The huge advantage of basing a business on a topic in which you are passionately interested is that you will enjoy running your business – it will be much more like a fascinating hobby than a job.

Select your target

Here’s what the professionals do. Before they do anything else, they decide WHO they are going to sell products to. (I know that’s not strictly grammatical, but "to whom" sounds awfully stuffy.) DON’T select the product first. Select your target audience first. Be precise. Zero in on a group of people with a particular interest or problem. Now ask yourself: Where do they gather? What magazines or ezines do they read? What websites do they visit? What email discussion groups do they subscribe to?

How can you approach them?

Is it easy to get in front of their eyeballs? You’re looking for an easily identifiable target. There’s no sense in building a website and then trying to figure out how to attract your audience. Do it the other way round. Decide who your audience is and then build your site.

Promote products which are in high demand

The Global Internet Business Link Traffic ShopIt sounds so simple, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s so simple it’s very easy to overlook. Sell things that people want.

Information products are good to sell because that’s mainly what people use the Internet for – to seek information. Digital products have high profit margins and often have high commissions. Jumping on new products and the latest fads can also reap rewards for the agile.

You need lots of traffic

If you already have a busy site and the product you choose to promote is attractive to your visitors, you should start earning money straight away. If you have a new, low-traffic site, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Several times I’ve seen suggestions that to make reasonable money from a website you need at least 500 unique visitors a day. That seems about right IF you have a very tightly targeted audience – and also have a newsletter which gives you more income and helps remind people about your site.

Numbers alone aren’t enough – you need to build trust and credibility. Merely attracting traffic isn’t enough. You have to learn how to encourage people to click on the links and buy something. So make sure you promote really good products.

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Aim for residual income

You can earn residual income from because it’s an excellent service which charges a monthly fee. From a Professional Community Profile that displays your Storefront, Business Directory Listing, Classified ads and more to a custom CRM / Autoresponder System the gibLink Professional Membership provides you the presence, tools, training and resources to capitalize on a global marketplace.

Seek good tracking

When you experiment with your promotional efforts you want to know straight away how effective your work has been, so you need immediate, or real-time, tracking. You want to be able to see quickly which of your promotions work and which ones don’t. Then you can increase your sales and commissions by concentrating on the things that work.

Professional Web Services

gibLink’s Affiliate Manager offers state-of-the-art Tracking with lifetime cookies. In addition there are directlinking URL’s and Ad Channels for more detailed tracking and campaign management.

Get your own domain name

You can promote affiliate programs from a free site, but you create a much more professional image if you get your own domain name. You’ll also receive more repeat traffic if you have a memorable name. Show people you’re serious. Grab your domain name now before someone else does. It’s getting harder and harder to find a good .com name.

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Personal endorsements increase sales

An excellent way to increase your click-through rate and sales is to write a personal endorsement praising the product or service – so make sure you sign up with companies which have excellent products. If you haven’t tried the product, perhaps you can get an endorsement from a friend who has. However, successful affiliates buy the product so that they can write a genuine, honest review of it. That works beautifully.

Start collecting domain names

One good way to promote an affiliate program is to buy a special domain name just for it, set up a small site, and list the site in the main search engines. Choose a memorable name. You can reserve one now for future use. It’s an excellent investment. Buying special, interesting domains for an affiliate program also proves useful if you use offline promotions. You can choose a domain name that looks much more professional than most affiliate links.

Promote in your signature

One way to promote an affiliate program is by giving it a brief, eye-catching, tempting mention in a signature at the end of an email.

Have you placed your FREE Classified?

You can create several different email signatures, each one promoting a different commission-earning product, and use which ever one is most appropriate for the email you’re sending.

Some marketers use a signature written in the style of a friendly P.S. For example:

All the best.

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Appropriate linking increases sales

Some companies provide you with just a link to their main page. Others let you link to various pages, categories or individual products on their site. Linking to categories may be OK. Linking directly to an individual product is usually much more effective.

Look for companies which HELP affiliates

Some affiliate merchants seem to forget about you after you’ve signed up. Others work hard to help you succeed. Join affiliate programs run by highly successful Internet marketers, even if you don’t plan to promote their products. You’ll learn a heap of useful tips from their newsletters and by studying what they do.

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gibLink makes it easy

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Huge potential

Think of ways to help your visitor make a buying decision. To do that, you need to be a trusted source of information. If you learn how to help your visitors make a buying decision; you can earn a good full-time living from affiliate programs. It’s possible! For example, writing personal endorsements in your newsletter instead of using banners can boost your sales dramatically.

If you’re willing to put in at least 10 to 20 hours of serious research and work (sorry about the four-letter word!) a week, you should be able to learn how to make a good living online. There’s a lot to learn, but if you stick at it and take it one step at a time, the lifestyle rewards can be wonderful. Imagine travel and work wherever you like. Spend winters in Australia and summers in New Zealand!

Remember, you don’t need any special credentials to be an affiliate. Since affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance, most affiliate programs are open to anyone: Whether you’re experienced or a complete novice. You also don’t need to be a computer genius to be a successful affiliate. Everyone goes through the same learning process and everyone can be a success!

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