Automated Cash Empire

Automated Cash Empire is a huge video training course that will teach you how to successfully make money from Internet Marketing.

Learn how to build a successful online business…

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Automated Cash Empire is a huge video training course that will teach you how to successfully make money from Internet Marketing.

Automated Cash Empire training course has more than 100 videos and shows how to build money making websites. It covers just about every online marketing technique that works. These are exclusive secrets that you won’t find other people using!

It starts off catering to those who are new to internet marketing and takes you right up to the more advanced level. The over 100 videos take you through each aspect step by step and these videos are high quality and make learning very easy.

Automated Cash Empire touches on creating websites, marketing and getting traffic. Creators Jeff & Mark are experts in turning traffic into buyers and they teach you just how to do it through this course. We all know that traffic is the lifeblood of the Internet and there are some great techniques for getting traffic in this course.

This is one solid internet marketing course!

Promoting one or more websites involves a variety of tasks, ranging from bookmarking sites on social networks and listing them in relevant key directories – including the creation of backlinks to various search engines – to listing RSS feeds in RSS syndicators.

Outsourcing workers to perform bookmarking a website on social networks incurs a cost roughly equalling that of the software (this is for bookmarking a single site only), while resulting in only 33% of the required tasks to be performed. RSS submission software again will perform only about 33% of the required work, while costing approximately half the price of the program. Directory submission and creation of backlinks, usually done via SEO experts with varying pricetags and involving regular monthly payments, again only produces results in a fraction of the tasks.

Automated Cash Empire performs all of the above tasks simultaneously for as many websites as necessary – at a fraction of the cost and showing results within days – making it the most cost effective tool available.

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What Comes In The Automated Cash Empire Box?

Basic Training:

  • Week 1 – Getting Started
  • Week 2 – Secret Blogging
  • Week 3 – Googe Adwords
  • Week 4 – Google Training
  • Week 5 – Viral & Social Marketing
  • Week 6 – New Marketing Channels
  • Week 7 – Affiliate Marketing
  • Week 8 – Landing Pages
  • Week 9 – SEO & Keywords
  • Week 10 – Winning In Business
  • Week 11 – Google Adsense
  • Week 12 – Email Marketing

Advanced Training:

  • Week 1 – Advanced Internet Basics
  • Week 2 – Graphics Training
  • Week 3 – HTML Basics
  • Week 4 – HTML Editor Training
  • Week 5 – SEO Education
  • Week 6 – Introiduction To WordPress
  • Week 7 – Advanced WordPress
  • Week 8 – Making Money With Your Blog
  • Week 9 – List Building Explosion
  • Week 10 – Advanced CPA
  • Week 11 – Bonus – Become A Google Master

Bonus Section:

  • Bonus 1 – Bonus Interviews
  • Bonus 2 – Google Adwords Advanced Training
  • Bonus 3 – Blogging Advanced Training
  • Bonus 4 – Aditional Traffic Stream Training
  • Bonus 5 – Marketing Bonus Training
  • Bonus 6 – Additional Marketing Training
  • Bonus 7 – Affiliate Marketing Advanced
  • Bonus 8 – Landing Page Automation
  • Bonus 9 – SEO Advanced Training
  • Bonus 10 – Additional Online Business Ideas
  • Bonus 11 – Google Adsense Advanced Training
  • Bonus 12 – Advanced Email Marketing

There is so much going on in this course covering the various apsects of Internet Marketing and even the bonus section is worth the investment alone.

Automated Cash Empire is a huge course that shows you step by step
from the start how to build a successful online business.

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