Auto Traffic Nirvana WordPress Plugin

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Auto Traffic Nirvana is software that plugs you into the the network of thousands of sites.

When you join the network, the system creates link partners based on keywords from post tags. So the more focused and robust you post tags, the more targeted the link partners that are created. These are 3-way link exchanges, not simple link swaps, which the search engines don’t reward. By doing this, one-way links are created.

Simply put it is a plugin that works in conjunction with your WordPress blog simple to install and connects to the Auto Traffic Nirvana Network. As a newbie or even an experienced marketer you will find this to be a very useful traffic generating tool.

  1. Trackback/Pingback links created.
  2. Related Article links added to your post.
  3. Contextual Links Created.

Your posts are automatically added to top RSS feeds for more traffic generation as well as your posts are added to the network providing even more targeted traffic.

All this TOP QUALITY backlinking for your benefit is NOT a fast "here today gone tomorrow" form of targeted traffic. Auto Traffic Nirvana is a long term traffic generation system that will continue to provide you will top quality backlinks on an ongoing basis.

When the Auto Traffic Nirvana plugin is installed it adds that site to a network of sites for linking together they appear as one way links (a one way link is where Site A links to Site B, but Site B does NOT link back). The intext linking has HUGE SEO benefits in the form of more backlinks and there is inherent value in having content links and intext links which is what Auto Traffic Nirvana provides… making them appear as organic/natural links.

Nadine Jems who is just 23 years old from London has been able to do just that.

How to Use The Auto Traffic Nirvana Plugin

When the plugin is installed you have a small options page with various settings.

Max Link Count:
You have the option of between 2 and 6 links per post. You will probably be tempted to choose 6 links but consider sticking to 2 links per post especially for a autoblog and reviews.

Let’s just say you did this:

  • 1,000 autoblog posts x 6 links per page = 6,000 backlinks very quickly…

This could throw a red flag up to Google so may consider:

  • 1,000 autoblog posts x 2 links per page = 2,000 backlinks virtually overnight.

That is still a lot of links but far less likely to trip any Google filters. 2,000 backlinks is a lot of link power and what is a little tricky to understand is the fact that a site is linked to from another site is a BIG SEO plus to Google (doesn’t even need to be high PR) as it tells Google that other webmasters think the site is worthy of a link.

Open Links in New Window:
The Open links in a new window option should be ticked if you want the links from your sites to open in a new window.

Submit to RSS
Submit feeds to RSS Search Engines should be checked as this submits new posts to 9 feed aggregators which can syndicate your content (generate more links). Some of these RSS services require accounts.

Already Published
You will want to include already published Posts a should tick the box to have links added to and from all posts of a WordPress site.

Get Started Today with Auto Traffic Nirvana!

If you have a portfolio of automated WordPress blog’s that cover several niches, this software is perfect for your needs. Without a steady source of targeted traffic, niche profit blog’s end up dead in the water.

Auto Traffic Nirvana automatically plows through the autoblog
networks creating 3-way links between keyword related blog’s!

Auto Traffic Nirvana automatically plows through the autoblog networks creating 3-way links between keyword related blog's!