3-Step Commission Takeover System

Commission Takeover
is a complete step by step
PROVEN system to make money online

  • You don’t know exactly how…
  • What you’ve tried doesn’t work…
  • No one has laid out a PROVEN plan for you…
  • The cost of hosting to get started.

Commission Takeover is a training program run by Dean Holland which is suitable for newbie internet markters and those who have until now failed to make money online. Dean has personal experience from the past couple of years beginning in 2008 with $60k of debt to around $600k in profit within 2 years.

One of the most important things to know is that Commission Takeover is not another push button software system that is going to make you a fortune over night. In fact this system is quite the opposite and for a very good reason. Push button money making software simply doesn’t exist, if you were able to buy a piece of software that did make you money quickly then I would be first in the queue!

Commission Takeover is all about showing you what you to do and when to do it in very basic, easy to understand terms. Affiliate marketing is like no other business out there, you can start out with little or no costs and produce an incredible income but only if you have an exact process to follow.

The training program discloses in a step by step manner the process of setting up a successful system online that provides consistent income. Each stage is provided in video (which most people prefer) and/or text. It’s not a software, hype videos with cosmic promises.This is 6 core system blueprint describing step by step how to do that.

Here’s what you get with Commission Takeover:

Module 1: The Authority Takeover

This module of the Commission Takeover Course is mainly geared towards beginners. That means if you have never made a penny online and you want to get started then this section if for you. However, if you are a seasoned marketer already making money online you will be familiar with these stuff as they are pretty basic.

Here’s The Breakdown of This Module:

  • Introduction To Internet Marketing
  • Introduction To Blogging
  • Setting Up Your Blogs and Owning You Own Space
  • Getting A Domain
  • Installing Your Blog
  • Getting Plugins
  • Choosing A Theme For Your Blog
  • And Adding Analytics for Tracking Purposes.

As you can see, this module of the Commission Takeover Course is pretty basic. However in my opinion it is necessary as most newbies who are just starting out would have no idea how to get these stuff done on their own. Overall, the videos are very well presented and Dean explained everything in simple terms so that it is easy to understand and follow through.

Module 2: The C.O.D Takeover

This module of the commission Takeover system is referred to as the Cash On Demand Takeover. If you just say that phrase out loud, it will sound pretty much like all the hype and push button programs out there. However, the concept of this module as some of you may guess is to build a targeted email list. So by saying cash on demand, he really means that you can literally make a ton of money overnight by sending a broadcast to a list of subscribers to a high converting offer.

Break Down Of This Module:

Selecting Auto-responder Service
Setting Up Your Auto-responder
Your Free report to give away
Squeeze pages
Thank you pages
(When you gain access you’ll get the last 3 above for free inside!)

Overall this module is quite helpful and will teach you how to build a targeted email list, how to build relationship with that list and how you can make money from that list. Very well presented but not a newbie, you won’t find anything new here. You may however learn a few gems about building relationship with your list (a feature a lot of marketers lack.)

Module 3: The Traffic Takeover

In this module, Dean literally hold you hands and walk you through the exact steps he took to drive thousands of traffic to his websites. What I like about this module of the Commission Takeover is that Dean focus mainly on FREE TRAFFIC. That means if you do get the commission takeover course, you don’t have to be thinking about spending a lot of money to put his system to work for you. While there isn’t anything revolutionary being revealed here, the concepts are solid and when put to use will drive wards of traffic to your sites. I don’t want to give away the ‘methods’ here but I’ll tell you that the do work because I use some of them myself.

Module 4, 5 & 6: The Cash Magnet Takeover

These modules of the Commission Takeover System are the (4) Cash magnet takeover, (5) Super affiliate takeover and (6) the mass money takeover. I chose to do a summary review of these 3 modules because they are closely related. Now this is a bit more advance stuff which the previous module would prepare you for.

In these modules, Dean will show you how to find high converting products (Cash Magnet) which you can promote to that list if subscribers that you have been building. Now when this happens, you will make tons of sales and thus his “Super Affiliate Takeover” term. Again, these concepts are nothing new but Dean has taught them in a way to help you understand and follow along. Now in order to make a lot of money online, you will need to repeat the process several times over (mass money takeover).

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